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Music and Emotion Conference in Finland

Lidia Bajkowska's Method
autor fot.: Dorota Wodzińska

Dr Amelia Golema - "How to prevent musical illiteracy among children?" Lidia Bajkowska's Method and the Project of Music Education presented on 3dr International Conference "Music and Emotion" in Finland.


About The Lidia Bajkowska’s Method

Developed by Lidia Bajkowska this innovative and captivating means to teach music can be used in each age group with the only difference that the proposed training content and methods of their implementation will be tailored to the age and abilities of children. It grew out of European cultural traditions, and is consistent with the general and specific objectives in preschool and the first stage of an integrated education in school grades I-III and fully enables the implementation of tasks in the field of education music education in the basic points (singing, playing musical instruments, children's creative activities, awareness and perception of music).

An integral part of the Method's  training content and delivery is the comprehensive development of the child, taking into account the need for emotional, intellectual and psycho-physical capabilities. 

It works by turning musical notation into a story, with the notation elements becoming different characters, which the children come to know and enjoy. With this familiarity, they quickly learn the musical alphabet, and maintain their interest and enhance their learning experience, the materials are colourful and engaging. Ideally, the basic content of the course is combined with other forms of artistic education: visual arts, movement and dance, poetry and drama, theatre in education can all be used for lasting positive outcomes. 

The Lidia Bajkowska's Method has been tested in a long-standing educational practice, which has confirmed its effectiveness and provided very good results in teaching. This is not a closed method in itself, but it can coexist with other systems based methods C. Orff music education, E. J. Dalcrozego, Suzuki and achievements of the Polish school. We believe it proves that teaching music can build a future, and can be successfully used also in working with youth in middle school, high school, and even with adults. 

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